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Chuông karaoke, chuông gọi phục vụ phòng chuyên nghiệp.

Karaoke bell, call service bell.

Chuông karaoke, chuông gọi phục vụ.

Phan Nguyen Audio introduces professional karaoke ring, professional karaoke, designed according to the needs of each karaoke. This is a call bell service, karaoke wire high-end, extremely high strength, easy to use.

The customer actively calls: with just one push of a button, the customer can call the service quickly without having to call up, waving or knocking.

Chuông karaoke, chuông gọi phục vụ.

Easier for employees: Serving does not need to be close to the customer, do not need to always keep an eye on the customer, do not lose the privacy of guests.

Appropriate product is used:

  • Hospital: Helps patients call nurse, doctor, nurse.
  • Workshop: help information between workers – management – techniques ..
  • Karaoke: help call guests without leaving the room.
  • Restaurant: VIP room system, garden.
  • Cafe: divided by space, floor, garden.
  • Golf yard
  • Tennis course
  • fishing lake
  • Spa – Massage


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