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Karaoke speaker JBL JRX115

JBL Speakers JRX115 karaoke is one of the senior speaker by Phan Nguyen distribution. JBL Professional loudspeaker is often used for large halls, bars, coffee and karaoke speakers are made for modern karaoke rooms. We specialize in receiving consulting, design and installation of professional audio systems, as well as distribution of audio equipment light, modern

Loa JBL JRX115
Loa JBL JRX115

Features of the karaoke speaker JBL JRX115

Controlling better sound quality, while sharing other audio devices.
Integrated driver electronics
Handling high sound intensity level of sharpness, natural
Modern chic design, made from high-quality materials, allowing speakers to play the sound intensity that has not affected the quality of the sound output of the speakers.
And there are countless other features ….. Contact 0988.57.149 (A.Hung) for more of the features of this speaker and best rates in Phan Nguyen sold
Specifications of JBL speakers karaoke JRX115

Manufacturer: JBL
Audio Output: 1000W
Frequency: 16KHz (highest) – 38Hz (lowest)
Weight: 27,5kg
Color: Black
Impedance: 8ohm
Sound level: 98dB
Length x width x height (mm) 432 x 460 x 699

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