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Sing or more with Shure wireless microphones UR4S

Shure wireless microphone karaoke microphone karaoke UR4S is high quality from the US, is the trust that users use to professional karaoke rooms, events, major programs.
Micro không Shure UR4S
Shure wireless microphones UR4S

Designed with modern advanced technology of America, Shure wireless microphones UR4S alter function so.Chong howling frequency is a product very good quality programs, and major events.

Powerful audio output. in and warm. Support for users to get the vocal singing without drowning breath, distortion.

As wireless microphones designed clever, fine within 140m

Design LCD on Shure microphones UR4S relatives know the battery can be used and the frequencies are used

Luxurious, refined highlight your karaoke space

Made of high quality materials, durable, enduring over time, less energy.

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