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Hanet PlayX One - Thiết bị giải trí đa phương tiện | Phan Nguyễn Audio
Đầu karaoke Hanet PlayX One
Đầu karaoke Hanet PlayX One

karaoke Hanet PlayX One multimedia entertainment. First Hanet PlayX One main function is outside, it was 1 karaoke entertainment devices Multimedia: Zing TV, FPT Play, watch online movies, music, news, games … You just need to One Hanet PlayX jointed with the TV via HDMI, and internet connection for One is your head PlayX Hanet have in hand the world’s first recreational.

Hanet PlayX One - Thiết bị giairi trí đa phương tiện.
Hanet PlayX One – Thiết bị giairi trí đa phương tiện.

One property PlayX Hanet powerful configuration with Quad-Core processor core, 1GB of RAM, 1TB HDD storage and many other connections, and can connect to multiple TV brands to become the most discerning Smart TV voice control. Voice control feature helps users easily find content on Youtube or FPT Play.

Màn hình sử dụng Hanet PlayX One
Screen Hanet PlayX One

With the main function of karaoke, Hanet PlayX One is a technological first VOD karaoke with karaoke series features the latest in the market such as the ability to analyze and propose intelligent song user preferences, the new compression standard the image and sound Full HD. Drive to 1TB can accommodate up to 20,000 songs. Simultaneously, PlayX One use of storage technology cloud, help warehouse song becomes unlimited and constantly updated free song every 2 weeks.

Only with 3,990,000 contracts in hand you will have the karaoke Hanet PlayX One and brings the world of entertainment in your home. Karaoke HANET PlayX One is the gift the latest technology and very special when carrying the two functions perfect family entertainment: Karaoke VOD modern family and Equipment multimedia entertainment.

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