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(Tiếng Việt) Loa Monitor là gì? Có mấy loại loa Monitor? | PHAN NGUYỄN AUDIO

What is a Monitor Speaker?

Speaker Monitor is a sounding loudspeaker. This is a special type of speaker used to test the sound. The sound quality of this speaker is “very honest”, without any other sound effects. Monitor speakers often place on the stage towards the singer and the band. The main effect is for singers, musicians to listen to their sound. It also helps the band collaborate with each other so that the song is really good and good.

Loa Audience Delight Monitor Model: 20TM
Loa Audience Delight Monitor Model: 20TM

Monitor speakers are usually produced with very high quality, and are active speakers (speakers are always integrated, just the signal line). The sound of this speaker is very good, honest and very good line in / out. To combine multiple speakers with each other.

Monitor speaker function is the same as that of a computer or laptop. On the computer we see all the machines are running, the sound coming from the Monitor speakers is all the sound of the system (with filtering) and so the quality of the speakers must meet the range. Number of a sound system required.

There are two main types of monitors:

  • Monitor speakers on stage: 
    • If you look at the stage, there will be a few speakers located towards the singer and the band and not towards the listener, which is Monitor speakers. With its ability to deliver true-to-life sound, Monitor speakers will help the band and artist to hear and play the best sound, not to get lost, to discord between music and lyrics, The harmony between vocals and instruments becomes harmonious.
    • Monitor speakers on the stage are often labeled by the manufacturer with the letter M behind (short for Monitor), and are quite distinctive design is quite recognizable compared to other speakers because they are usually placed tilt towards Singers on stage, so the edges will be designed asymmetrically so that when placed on the stage the speaker will head to the singer’s ears.
    • Also due to the fact that it is only for artists and singers who listen to their original sound, the monitor speakers are designed to ensure that they are not hurt, minimizing the feedback when the singer or band. performing music; The loudness and range of the speakers are usually shorter than that of conventional stage-facing speakers, because its main purpose is to let the singer or band replay accurately. His lyrics can have the proper self-adjustment.
  • Monitor speakers in the studio.

Recording studio is a system that requires a monitor speaker, because the sound in the studio requires precision, absolute honesty so that the tuner can hear clearly the original sound of the artist, ca Recorder, then edit the sound in the appropriate and best way. Monitor speakers for the home are designed similarly to home theater speakers when in a fairly square shape, they are usually electric speakers (active speakers). In addition, they have the same characteristics as the monitor monitors, the main purpose is to help the setup adjusters can clearly hear the original sound of the recorders, so they also have sound design honest, anti-dark Poly and negative corners as well as short range.

A very popular feature of the monitor speakers is the high sound pressure level of the anti-howling very well, almost easy for the setup adjusters.

But the point of this speaker is short range, only just enough theater area as far as full speakers for the audience.

However, the Monitor Monitor is now widely used, not only for audiometry, but also for home audio systems, small and medium-sized audiovisuals without the need for sound and ply. standard sound.


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