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Loa SP-15II | AD-Audience Delight Professional Sound From Germany

Loa SP-15II

loa Audience Delight SP-15II

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  • Speakers AD SP-15II is a professional speaker of SPARK II SERIES from the brand AD – Audience Delight. This is a prestigious sound brand from Germany.
  • Speaker SP-15II – Two way full-range loudspeaker delivers natural sound quality, but extremely vivid, powerful.
  • Suitable for all conditions of use: karaoke, theater, stage, bar, hall, ….
  • The SP-15II is designed with a 80 ° × 50 ° rotatable crank angle, 15-inch woofer speakers for broader, more natural, and wider sound dissipation. Not only that, the SP SP-15II speakers are also optimized for projects that require high quality sound and high power such as karaoke, bar, stage, stadium.
  • Speaker surface SP-15II is coated with special paint, durable with time, easy to clean, help speakers are always new in use.
  • The components of the speakers are manufactured with high quality components to ensure sound quality as well as durability. High-quality audio circuitry makes the bass sound so powerful, the midrange is soft and bright, the treble is clear and soft. Highlight your voice, making you feel relaxed and smooth while singing. Its excellent sound quality will satisfy the most demanding customers!


  • It consists of a 15-inch bass speaker and a 3-inch treble loudspeaker, which features a 80 ° x 50 ° rotating angle for a more even, wider sound. Suitable for karaoke, theater, hall, bar, etc.
  • Designed to be positioned, standing or hanging easily and flexibly.


  • Tần số đáp ứng: 42Hz – 18kHz(+/-3dB)
  • Usable bandwidth:45Hz – 20kHz
  • Độ nhạy(1W@1m: 100dB
  • System Output SPL: 127dB(rms)
  • Max System Output SPL: 130dB(peak)
  • Nominal Directivity:(-6dB)80°×50° rotatinghorn
  • Trở kháng: 8Ohms
  • Công suất:: 500Wrms / 1000Wpeak


  • Grill: Black epoxy perforated iron mesh, paste high penetration of audio for cotton.
  • Connectors :2×NL4(NEUTRIK),1+/1-,2+/2-
  • Crossover: System designed 2 Way Frequency Network
  • Rigging: Integrated fling hardware.
  • Socket for Speaker Stand.
  • Integrated handles for easy transprot
  • Rubber feet

Cấu tạo

  • Chất liệu: 15mm Baltic birch plywood
  • Finnish: Polyurea effective anti-wearwaterproof paint
  • Trap Angle: 50°/25
  • Dimensions: 698mm × 420mm × 384mm(H×W×D)
  • Net weight: 28.9kg
  • Shipping weight: 31.5kg

Biểu đồ tần số đáp ứng

Biểu đồ loa Audience Delight SP-15II

Cấu tạo thùng loa

  • LF 1×15″ unit (waterproof, 3″ voice coil)
  • HF 1×3″ neodymium metal compression unit (titanium metal vibration system, 1.75 voice coil)

Kích thước loa Audience Delight SP-15II

Loa Audience Delight Model SP-15II được phân phối và bảo hành chính hãng tại Phan Nguyễn Audio. Hãy đến thử và trải nghiệm chất lượng âm thanh đỉnh cao mà dòng loa SPARK II SERIES đem lại. Mọi thông tin vui lòng liên hệ:

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406 Tân Sơn Nhì P.Tân Quý Q.Tân Phú Tp.Hồ Chí Minh

Hotline: 1900.0075




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