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(Tiếng Việt) Micro karaoke không dây Bonus MB-5000 cao cấp, âm thanh tinh tế.

Micro karaoke Bonus MB-5000

Wireless microphones are now being used by so many people for their karaoke equipment. There are hundreds of different types of wireless microphones, different sound quality, different designs and durability. So finding a good wireless microphone is not easy.

To help you find and select the most comfortable wireless microphone, PHAN NGUYEN AUDIO introduces you to the Professional MB-5000 Professional Wireless Karaoke microphones. granted. This is a product from Bonus Audio – a manufacturer of professional karaoke audio equipment, leading technology today.

Micro karaoke không dây Bonus MB-5000

The MB-5000 Wireless Microphone is the first to attract attention with its striking design, shiny appearance and beautiful looks. The Micro Bonus MB-5000 has a good sound quality and is extremely popular with very low noise levels of just 0.005%, with 100 dB sensitivity for true-to-life sound that lets you enjoy the passion of singing. . In addition, two beard antennas are capable of tuning and filtering good sound in the range of up to tens of meters, allowing you to move freely and flexibly when used.


  • Outstanding design, luxury.
  • 2 antenna antenna for wide operating range.
  • Convenient wireless microphone, easy to move.
  • Optimal sensitivity is better able to capture sound.
  • Low noise for realistic sound.
  • This version significantly improves automatic frequency selection, which makes it easy to scan channels.
  • In addition, Micro Bonus MB-5000 also integrated with Auto MUTE function after 3 seconds when not in use,
  • restriction Feedback, howling. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the power is automatically turned off to save energy

Modern design, luxury:

  • The MB-5000 Wireless Microphone is light in weight and neatly designed to fit in the reach of the user. Micro gives you an eye-catching look, highlighted in shiny shades of gray combined with blue, yellow, very modern, youthful edging.
  • Micro Bonus MB-5000 wireless UHF frequency band is capable of signaling and transmitting well in the distance of up to 50 meters to help users move freely, flexibly in use, not entangled. like wired miccro.
  • The MB-500 Wireless Bonus MB-500 Wireless Microphone is a high-performance AA battery. Replacing the battery is easy, just by rotating the outer cover to remove the cover so that it can replace the battery quickly.

This is a professional audio equipment, suitable for karaoke, stage, … With the MB-5000 Wireless Microphone, your voice will be raised to a new level, more relaxed, deep more, more class as a real singer. Products are sold and genuine warranty at PHAN NGUYEN AUDIO. You are invited to try and experience the high quality audio that this microphones offer.

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