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Karaoke Microphone Stand Bonus MD6

Micro karaoke đứng Bonus MD6
Micro karaoke đứng Bonus MD6

Bonus Audio is a trademark sound production equipment, professional karaoke equipment. The Bonus Audio karaoke equipment is designed on the most advanced technology in the world in the field of sound. Karaoke microphone stand Bonus products MD6 karaoke microphone stand is wired line luxury, luxury, modern design.

Bonus MD6 karaoke microphone stand with fidelity audio quality, capable of reproducing high-quality sound and full, deep, round, very easy to sing. Minimize status howling hiss.

Micro karaoke đứng Bonus MD6

Ease of use, simple installation.
Tail light micro display vivid flash in rhythm sound karaoke nhac.Micro stand MD6
Micro karaoke đứng MD6

Earlier adjustable microphone positions at multiple angles.
Earlier microphone freely rotate 360 degrees, automatically return to the center position.

Mciro karaoke đứng Bonus MD6

Details product itself has a wireless counterweight frames earlier, you can lock the counterweight frame.

micro karaoke đứng Bonus MD6

The body was designed by micro material pipeline of economic uncertainty, high bearing capacity. Brackets are designed to make sure, able to absorb onto the surface.

bên chân micro đứng Bonus MD6


  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product code: Bonus MF8
  • Type: wireless microphone
  • Frequency:
  • Dynamic Range:
  • QuickScan Auto Setup feature: automatic detection and frequency synchronization between the transmitter and receiver.
  • 1 year warranty.
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