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Karaoke Microphone Stand Bonus MF8

Micro karaoke đứng Bonus MF8

Bonus Audio is a manufacturer of professional karaoke equipment. The Bonus Audio karaoke equipment is manufactured on advanced technology in the world in the field of sound. Karaoke microphone stand Bonus products MF8 karaoke microphone line is high technology, modern design and luxury.

Micro đứng Bonus MF8

  • Bonus MF8 karaoke microphone stand: affirmed karaoke classic style but extremely luxurious, eye-catching.
  • Crisp design, beautiful, luxurious yellow.

Micro đứng Bonus MF8

  • Consistent with the purpose and use of space: the stage, bar, club, karaoke lounge.
  • Bonus MF8 wireless karaoke microphone, is resistant to almost absolute howling, realistic sound quality.
  • Capable of reproducing high quality audio and full-depth, round and full, and very easy to sing.
  • Easy to use and fit great. Microphone head can adjust many different angles, height can be customized easily to suit different people.
  • Products using touch technology, automatically shuts off after users leave it for 5 seconds.

Micro đứng Bonus MF8

  • Bonus MF8 Micro is designed with alloy materials, sophisticated design, durable over time.
  • Microphone body is made from stainless steel does not rust, does not fade. Two pipe layers to create texture protection force, increased durability of body and tube microphones.
  • Legs are designed to make sure the microphone, capable of adhering to the floor so sure.

Micro đứng Bonus MF8


  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product code: Bonus MF8
  • Type: wireless microphone
  • Frequency:
  • Dynamic Range:
  • QuickScan Auto Setup feature: automatic detection and frequency synchronization between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Products are distributed and genuine warranty in Phan Nguyen Audio.

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