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Karaoke Microphone Stand Bonus SF8

micro karaoke đứng bonus SF8

Bonus karaoke microphone stand microphone karaoke line stand SF8 is professional wireless, advanced. Brand products from Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of professional karaoke equipment. The Bonus Audio karaoke equipment is the research and development on advanced technologies in the world.

Bonus Micro SF8 designed alloy sure, painted beautiful yellow plush.

Micro karaoke đứng Bonus SF8

Fidelity audio quality, the ability to re-create high-quality audio and full-depth, round and full, and very easy to sing.
The first part microphones large rotation angle, it can adjust various angles.

Micro karaoke đứng Bonus SF8

The body microphones can last for up to 1m4 height – 1m8 should be able to fit more people.
Bonus Micro SF8 used UHF frequency stability, with the ability to connect at distances up to 100m can easily be arranged anywhere.
Part footstool is designed to make sure, capable of adhering to the floor surface so it will not happen breakup situation.

Bệ chân micro đứng SF8


  • Manufacturer: Bonus Audio
  • Product code: Bonus SF8
  • Type: wireless microphone
  • Frequency:
  • Dynamic Range:
  • QuickScan Auto Setup feature: automatic detection and frequency synchronization between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Extremely high resistance to howl.
  • 1 year warranty.
    Products are distributed and genuine warranty in Phan Nguyen Audio.
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