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(Tiếng Việt) Vang số, mixer digital karaoke Bonus MK-136S chuyên nghiệp, đẳng cấp.

Currently, karaoke audio players tend to use digital mixer with main power instead of regular karaoke. With digital mixer the sound quality is more advanced, more professional, and the anti-howling effect is almost double. Main Power will give you more power, more speakers. On the market there are many different mixer numbers. It is not easy for customers to find a professional product that meets their entertainment needs. With many years in the field of installing professional karaoke audio systems.

Phan Nguyen Audio introduces the Bonus MK-136S digital mixer professional digital sounder. This is a professional, high quality mixer for karaoke. Bonus MK-136S for ultimate sound quality, honesty, detail to the melody of music. Mixer digital Bonus MK-136S is a product of the brand name Bonus Audio- a professional manufacturer of karaoke equipment and modern karaoke equipment. Using MK-136S bonus mixer, all setups will be adjusted by computer so very accurate tone.

Vang số, mixer digital Karaoke Bonus Audio MK-136S

This is an improved product with 3 signal inputs, 3 dedicated line micro-2 lines. Special REC OUT port for recording extremely professional and class.

With the Bonus MK-136S Digital Mixer, noises, noises will no longer affect the sound quality. And especially the micro sucking noise will be the best restriction. As a result, the sound quality of the music becomes more honest, cleaner and more granular.

Vang số, mixer digital Karaoke Bonus Audio MK-136S

In addition, Bonus MK-136S echoes the ability to separate bass, midrange, high notes while playing music so that they do not mix together, making you enjoy each instrument in the most clearly. Not only that, Mixer Bonus MK-136S uses very powerful power, will bring you astonishing surprise; The sound of the background music is crystal clear, the singing escapes the soothing and soothing soothing.
Music will be a lot better thanks to the digital equalizer system, which can be extremely efficient and flexible with each frequency in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz.

The Mixer Bonus MK-136S incorporates a built-in compressor to control, control, set the threshold, limit the intensity of the input sound and output sound intensity to avoid speaker failure. In addition, the Bonus MK-136 offers flexible and intelligent correction functions for subwoofer speakers, enhancing subwoofer performance.
Circuit boards are assembled on an automatic SMT line, contact capacitors, capacitors, capacitors, solid capacitors (aluminum capacitors) for superior sound quality and greater durability.

Vang số, mixer digital Karaoke Bonus Audio MK-136S

Some other highlights:

  • 03 line Micro – 2 line micro microphone
  • 03 input signal line
  • 01 line REC out
  • Custom Echo and Delay functions.
  • There is an LCD displaying the Echo and Delay frequencies
  • Separate tone and Microphone functions.
  • Advanced anti-howling function … extremely useful, and easy to use.

This is a professional, modern karaoke equipment that is used in karaoke or business karaoke rooms. Products are sold and genuine warranty at PHAN NGUYEN AUIDO.

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406 Tân Sơn Nhì P.Tân Quý Q.Tân Phú Tp.Hồ Chí Minh

Hotline: 1900.0075


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