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Design works construction Tien Giang Dong Xanh karaoke room

With years of experience in the field of audio equipment, design and execution of professional karaoke room, Phan Nguyen Audio received investor confidence Karaoke Green – Tien Giang to perform construction works recreation center karaoke. Phan Nguyen Audio designed karaoke room modern style, luxury, professional lighting, sound quality peak.

Công trình thiết kế thi công phòng karaoke Đồng Xanh Tiền Giang

With the construction of modern karaoke rooms, the construction steps are to ensure the best quality for the project. Sound insulation construction process high quality audio standards, ensuring noise situation, noise will not affect the sound quality in the room. These materials are used to soundproof sound absorption materials are dedicated, highly durable.

Công trình thiết kế thi công phòng karaoke Đồng Xanh Tiền Giang

Karaoke room design process to ensure the highest aesthetic, modern, eye-catching. Each room is decorated with a karaoke different styles, as diverse, rich interior ContextEND_LINK room. In addition to decorative purposes, the material is Phan Nguyen Audio options must ensure the ability to minimize the negative reaction condition, affecting fidelity sound quality in the room.

Công trình thiết kế thi công phòng karaoke Đồng Xanh Tiền Giang

Modern lighting system, the eye-catching layout is the most logical way, the most beautiful. In addition to imaging elements for room light, lighting systems also highlight the design style of the room. Another important function is the ability to change the lighting effects in each melodies, creating a peak recreation space, colorful fanciful.

Karaoke sound system used branded Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of audio equipment, professional karaoke equipment, modern technologies. Professional karaoke systems each including the following devices:

Karaoke speaker Bonus PS-15F  professional, powerful sound quality, realistic, beautifully designed, luxurious.

Loa karaoke Bonus PS-15F

Subwoofer Bonus 18F professional, powerful bass, definitely.

Loa subwoofer Bonus 18

Main power Class D Bonus A2 technology, compact design, high power, crisp sound, easily arranged.

main power Bonus A2

Mixer karaoke digital Bonus MK-336 modern, professional, adjusted by computer, telephone, premium sound quality and truthfulness.

Mixer karaoke Bonus MK-336

Karaoke wireless microphones Bonus professional MB-999, capable of reproducing high-end audio for realistic sound quality and the most vivid.

Micro karaoke không dây Bonus MB-999

Hanet HD10S professional karaoke, class, full HD picture quality, vivid stereo sound.

Đầu karaoke Hanet HD10S

The entire system will be karaoke sound technicians the most experienced of Phan Nguyen Audio setup style design, interior layout, the area of the room to the sound quality for the most realistic, life uniform. With karaoke by Phan Nguyen Audio setup can meet all kinds of music nonstop, dance to folk, from customers whose lyrical karaoke rare on the market could meet.

Phan Nguyen Audio always serve customers with the most dedicated and thoughtful. The construction works karaoke room design always ensure the best quality, professional sound system, peak to make the process successful business.

Customers wishing to design a karaoke room construction, please contact:

Phan Nguyen Co., Ltd. Sound Light Interior

P.Tan 406 Tan Son Nhi Tan Quy Tan Phu Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0988.578.149








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