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Thi công phòng karaoke Zen Club (Long Thành) - Phan Nguyễn

 Zen room construction Karaoke Club (Long Thanh)

Construction projects in Dong Nai ZenClub karaoke rooms by investors entrusted Phan Nguyen Audio compact design modern style karaoke rooms, luxurious, beautiful lighting effects to meet the standards of professional karaoke rooms in the world great. Process Execution karaoke room, Phan Nguyen Audio made soundproof construction process, the most perfect audio standards for audio quality in the most professional room.

Karaoke sound system using branded Bonus Audio – Manufacturer of professional karaoke equipment. Karaoke equipment in each room is the sound technician most experienced setup designed to fit every room and area to get professional karaoke audio fidelity. Lighting system is arranged to highlight the interior design style karaoke rooms, accompanied by lighting effects can vary melodies to create rich sound space, the space filled color, create extreme excitement to customers.

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The construction works, design of Phan Nguyen Audio karaoke rooms to meet the strictest standards of the investor to complete works perfectly and most successful business.

Customers can refer to a number of works which form the other rooms in Phan Nguyen Audio karaoke.


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