Digital Processor Bonus MK-2000C


At present, Digital mixer (digital mixer) is gradually asserted power in the market of karaoke entertainment equipment. On the market there are hundreds of different types of wine, digital mixer, different sound quality, different durability. Bonus Audio introduces the latest in the market: DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA KARAOKE BONUS MK-2000C. The MK-2000C: C stands for CINEMA. This is a sound equipment, high-end karaoke equipment from BONUS AUDIO brand – Professional karaoke audio equipment manufacturers, modern technology, advanced market leading.



Mixer digital MK-2000C professional karaoke Bonus, which makes the processing of audio signals extremely sophisticated, very delicate. The versatile switch between KARAOKE and CINEMA signals is extremely convenient and flexible for the user. This is one of the rare devices on the market that serves as a transit station in karaoke converted into a modern 5.1 movie theater.

Bonus MK-2000C is a genuine, high-end product that combines state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art technology. Mixer digital Bonus MK-2000C also has the ability to connect to the computer through dedicated software, making the setup of the sound easier and more professional. Bonus MK-2000C is equipped with digital equalizer system, can adjust extremely effective and flexible with each frequency in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz. In addition, the MK-2000C also features a built-in compressor that helps control, control, set thresholds, limit the intensity of incoming and outgoing sound, and prevent speaker failure. In addition, the Bonus MK-2000 has a flexible and intelligent correction function for subwoofer speakers, enhancing subwoofer performance.

The MK-2000C digital mixer is equipped with three LINE IN ports, one REC OUT port, one COAXIAL port, one OPTICAL port for easy, professional connection and signal processing.


  • Nice design, luxury: Mixer Bonus MK-2000C is designed very nicely, beautiful and luxurious, compact design, outstanding control buttons, harmonious combination on the black background of the device. the overall beauty of the traditional but still extremely luxurious; The look is solid and extremely sturdy.
  • Top-of-the-line audio processing system: Mixer Bonus MK-2000C echo and visually-tuned (reveb) speakers are set precisely, making the microphone’s sound more efficient, as well. Low power consumption, not hot when operating long, extremely high durability.
  • Built-in CINEMA function for 5.1 surround sound, and professional.
  • Usability and Benefits: The MK-2000C Mixer Bonus can fit into any of your professional sound systems, ensuring true-to-life, high-quality sound, and seamless integration with other devices. other.
    Automatically balance the input signal, limiting the status of music played at small time by the song of the current karaoke player.
  • Product stability is very high, error rate and distortion are very low, less deviation, distortion due to long time use thanks to high precision digital technology.
  • Mixer Bonus The MK-2000 has a rear antenna design that enhances the connection range as well as the signal strength from the mixer to other control devices.
  • Can be easily adjusted over the internet from a distance quickly.

Some other highlights:
  • 03 line microphones, 02 Line microphones
  • 03 input signal line (LINE IN)
  • 01 line RECORD, 01 Line COAXIAL, 1 Line Optical.
  • Customizable Echo and Delay functions.
  • LEDs display Echo and Delay frequencies
  • Customizable Microphone and Timer.
  • Advanced anti-howling function … extremely useful, and easy to use.
  • Connection range up to 100m

This is a professional, modern karaoke equipment that will raise the quality of your karaoke sound to a new level: better, better quality, light singing, quick howling … is distributed by Phan Nguyen Audio and genuine warranty.