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Paramax karaoke Model LS-5000

Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000
Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000

PARAMAX karaoke model  LS-5000 is VOD karaokethe latest to hit the market karaoke equipment. PARAMAX – brand karaoke audio equipment in Vietnam officially introduced the karaoke player LS-Series includes products LS-5000 and LS-3000. This is the result of cooperation between corporations and TJ Media- PARAMAX Brand No. 1 in Korean karaoke, karaoke product line LS-Series is considered to create new trends in music quality standards karaoke.

Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000
Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000

PARAMAX karaoke model LS-5000   possess high quality karaoke tracks created by the sound engineer experienced in the village of Korean music (K-POP) technology with the world’s best sound mixing. In particular, these products will bring to the theater to experience a completely new musical with music by the TJ RealSoundTM invention was first announced at the Vietnam market. New orchestrated some selective instrument such as: Dan tranh, flute, monochord, drums, guitar, piano … by the famous musician of Vietnam and Korean performances, the music for the song felt RealSoundTM dynamic sound and realistic, easy initiation of emotional and uplifting music together.

Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000
Đầu karaoke Paramax LS-5000

To make more beautiful melody of the song, floating PARAMAX known group invited Vietnam to undertake part vocals (Chorus) for the songs under the baton of music director Korean and professional recording. Moreover, many songs are a combination of the RealSoundTM and Chorus singing brings people feel like performing on stage with the orchestra and the support of the singer from the group of friends in Vietnam.

The first striking feature of the PARAMAX karaoke Model LS-5000

Real SoundTM songs
Real SoundTM is a genre completely new karaoke ever appear on the market, in which the sound of the unique instrument as monochord, zither, flute, saxo-phone … are collected directly when performance artists “live”, created by TJ Media – No.1 brand Korean karaoke.

Công nghệ Real Sound trên đầu karaoke paramax
The song Chorus – The voice of friend
The famous song karaoke PARAMAX friends are recording with one of the most famous groups of friends Vietnam, under the baton of music director nghiem.Tim seasoned voice for songs

LS-5000 karaoke PARAMAX equipped with Voice Search feature – find songs by voice directly on the smartphone first appeared in Vietnam.

Tính năng Voice trên điện thoại
App Sing Smart
Sing Smart App is an application that allows you to experience the remarkable features of the LS-5000 karaoke PARAMAX by major smart phone or your tablet easier than ever.

Ứng dụng Sing Smart trên đầu karaoke paramax ls-5000
Ứng dụng Sing Smart trên đầu karaoke paramax ls-5000

Wifi-Direct technology
PARAMAX LS-5000 is equipped with Wifi-Direct technology. With this connectivity standard, smart phone you are able to replace traditional hand controller (remote), even without an internet connection.

Công nghệ wifi direct trên đầu karaoke Paramax

Number of tracks market leader
LS-Series head PARAMAX karaoke with song number to lead the market with rich category: Over 11,500 full copyright songs and will be updated continuously every 3 months with the expected number of 300 posts for every times.

Số lượng bài hát phong phú
LS-Series owner:

  • Over 700 songs for the first time Real SoundTM Vietnam market debut
  • Chorus nearly 900 songs recorded with the group well known friends Vietnam
  • 1200’s most popular songs being Remix current favorite
  • Over 400 new posts delivered coast selective neck full-length
  • Nearly 450 songs in English first copyrighted in Vietnam


  • Manufacturer: PARAMAX.
  • Product Type: karaoke.
  • Product code: LS-3000.
  • Hard drive capacity: 2TB
  • Voltage: AC100V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 20W.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz ± 3dB.
  • Signal to noise ratio: 75dB.
  • Output image: FULL HD 1080p, HDMI v.1.2.
  • Product Weight: 39 Kg.
  • Product Dimensions: 420 (W) x 127 (H) x 60 (D) mm.

Products sold and warranted in Phan Nguyen Audio. Come try and feel the quality of the product.

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