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Loa BMB CSD 2000SE - Phan Nguyễn Audio

Karaoke Speaker BMB CSD 2000SE

As speaker of large capacity for large spaces such as the large karaoke room, bar, discotheque. Rich sound that BMB CSD 2000 SE speakers will blow you bring in the rhythmic sounds that speakers emit

Loa BMB CSD 2000SE

BMB CSD 2000SE  speakers have tremendous power from 500W to 1000W medium. Interior sound lively, majestic. Powerful bass speakers will blow all follow the dance music. Mid-known sweet, gentle for you to hear his voice one of clarity and honesty as karaoke.

Designed intelligently with 5 speakers together for a fiddle sound sonorous, elegant for you to feel like you are standing on a big stage

Technical Features of BMB speakers CSD 2000SE

Includes 1 4 speaker woofers streble

Rated input: 500W

Frequency: 40Hz – 20kHz

Dimensions: 350x336mm

Weight: 18kg

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