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Loa karaoke BMB CSN 255E - Phan Nguyễn Audio

Speaker karaoke BMB CSN 255E – Option No. 1 for family karaoke room

Phan Nguyễn Audio introduce customers karaoke speakers suitable for your family. Speaker karaoke BMB CSN 255E is suitable for loudspeaker karaoke room small and the high-end products from Japan for true sound, you will hear my voice like a real singer
Loa karaoke BMB CSN 255E

As the product is 100% committed Phan Nguyen imported from Japan is a country with language technology platform and strict on quality products

As a professional karaoke speaker, suitable for families or small to medium business room

Speakers will promote all the power with some Jarugar line amplifiers, California, …

Speaker karaoke BMB CSN 255E exquisite designs exalted elegance in your karaoke room

Technical Features of BMB CSN 255E speakers

Power: 150W

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 458 x 270 x 251mm

Weight: 8kg

Brand: BMB

Production: Japan

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