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Loa karaoke BMB CSV 900SE- Phan Nguyễn Audio

Why do the majority of users are choosing speakers for karaoke BMB 900SE CSV his karaoke room?

Loa karaoke BMB CSV 900SE

1 / A karaoke speakers are produced from brand from Japan is home to very strict product quality

2 / Speaker karaoke BMB CSB 900SE modern design, unique with unique speaker systems and enclosures soft curve on the front. This will sound emitted from the speaker is larger, the frequency will be spread throughout the whole room

3 / Durable and rugged design with time

Specifications of BMB speakers CSV 900SE

Maximum power: 1200W

Lowest power: 500W

Audio Frequency: 40-20 khz

Impedance: 8Ω

Sound pressure: 81dB

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