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Loa karaoke BMB CSX 850SE - Phan Nguyễn Audio

 Speaker karaoke BMB CSX 850SE is the number 1 choice for karaoke room

Tomb of the product is best 2014 850SE Loudspeaker karaoke BMB CSX is a professional speaker is largely the karaoke room, restaurant, hotel, conference … option.

Loa karaoke BMB CSX 850SE

Designed intelligently with 2 left and right speakers outward helps radiate sound in many different directions Wide

Treble speakers designed intentionally: placed offset from the subwoofer creates 3D audio effects and featured more powerful

Speaker karaoke BMB CSX 850SE Power karaoke speakers with maximum power of up to 700W, which allows speakers convey powerful sound, solid sound, not sound distorted.

Speakers wide midfield designed with the ability to withstand heat and intense sound, the speaker can help endurance activities in one long period without causing damage

Technical Features of BMB CSX speakers 850SE

Maximum power: 700W

Minimum power: 250W

Dimensions: 520 x 298 x 284mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 12kg

Brand: BMB

Production: Japan

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