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Karaoke speaker JBL JRX725

Karaoke speaker JBL speakers JRX725 is professional, apply the most advanced technologies, is a sound investment performance

Loa karaoke JBL JRX725

JBL Speakers JRX725 karaoke is often used in the large hall, events, bars, coffee and karaoke speakers for professional karaoke room, modern

Features of the karaoke speaker JBL JRX725

Modern chic design with scratch-resistant coating 7, which has 3 layers of protective enclosures PU sure peeling
All of the speaker components are imported 100% perfect quality
Containers made of certainty, durable, fit many different weather conditions
Contact: 0988.578.149 (A.Hung) to be consulted more closely on products, as well as the best rates of this speaker by Phan Nguyen Distribution
Specifications of JBL speakers karaoke JRX725

Capacity: 1200 x 2400 x 4800 (W)
Frequency range: 37Hz – 20kHz
Size: 1219 x 441 x 508 (mm)
Frequency response: 53Hz – 20kHz
Weight: 45kg
Condition: New 100% genuine

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