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Nexo PS15 professional speaker and powerful

Who ever used via Nexo speaker then surely know of the power and highly efficient speakers Nexo bring. Phan Nguyen would like to introduce to you a Nexo PS15 speakers is strong, very professional, the products you often see in these events, major conferences, or the current professional karaoke room. Nexo PS15 loudspeakers are being distributed in Phan Nguyen, go to Phan Nguyen to experience this powerful speaker offline.


Best feature PS15 Nexo speaker

The class speaker line in major events can not fail to mention the brand Nexo loudspeaker. As a famous brand in the market, is certified by the consumer.

Made from high quality materials, bass body is made of aluminum monolith, which is characteristic of the high-end speakers

Enclosures are research and development for the sound emanating warmth and standard hearing

Good support for 2-dimensional space by changing the angle of the speaker throat easily

Bo certainly strong design and modern

As speaker has tremendous power to play big or where space is made in the karaoke room karaoke speaker pro

Technical details of Nexo PS15 speakers

NEXO: PS15 – 15 ”

Manufacturer: NEXO

Origin: Farance

Capacity: Continuous 500w /

Program 1000w / 2000w highest

Frequency Range (± 3dB): 50Hz – 18kHz

Frequency response (- 6dB): 47Hz – 18kHz

Sensitivity (1w / 1m): 102dB –

Rated frequency SPL: 133dB –

Impedance: 8Ω Size: 675 x 435 x 368mm

TL: 28kg

See some pictures of the speakers Nexo PS15

Commonly used as a main speaker in the audio system

  • Nexo PS15 loudspeakers simple design gives the best performance

  • Made from high quality materials, durable and certainly when using high ground or hang on


  • Handles are designed 2 convenient side while moving speaker

  • Design Gateway common, easy to use


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