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Nexo PS10 Professional Speakers hall and karaoke room A professional

Among the speakers, the speakers on the market Nexo Nexo PS10 is designed smaller than other types of speakers Nexo nhungchat amount had not been reduced, this has attested to by the presence of Nexo speakers of the event , the big show, karaoke rooms Speaker Nexo PS10 Vip uses karaoke as the main speaker

Highlights of Nexo PS10 speakers

The compact design compared with other types, while maintaining excellent sound quality.

Deep bass sound, strong and sure.

Overlaying audio to listeners

Commonly used used in large events, and the professional karaoke room.

Nexo PS10 speakers bring undesirable effect when used

Specifications of Nexo PS10 Speakers

Extra large capacity: 1250W

Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz

Electrical impedance: 8 ohm

Weight: 14kg

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