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5 tiêu chí giúp phòng Karaoke chuẩn - Phan Nguyễn Audio

5 criteria help you obtain satisfactory karaoke room.

For many years engaged in the construction of a karaoke room and a karaoke room design for customers. Our team of engineers Phan Nguyen has summarized these criteria, the essential requirements for a karaoke room. However, with the different companies will have assessments and criteria for each guest. But the criteria that we offer are the key factors can not be altered.
1 / As of art in design

For large investment karaoke bar in the design level, you will see the subtle uniformity from outside, to the lobby, and those small details in the karaoke room. More amazing if you know the subtle combination between the colors, textures, effects LEDs together will cause irritation to customers entering his karaoke bar.

2 / As of engineering in the design, construction and karaoke room

Aside from the aesthetics to the karaoke room, the sound processing technique for karaoke room is extremely important (sound absorption, sound insulation, sound acoustics, …). By a karaoke room beautiful though. are sophisticated investors but if the sound is not or can not satisfy the customer. This requires designers must also knowledgeable about sound.

With so much material available on the market, which requires the designer to understand the function of each type, so that lower costs for investors and still offers the best performance for a karaoke room.

3 / The economics of the karaoke room

This would be something that would concern investors most. As a modern karaoke room, carefully invested in design and space of the room will affect much for customer service. A karaoke room meets the above, of course, will entice customers to bring profits back to investors.

4 / As of regional business locations karaoke

A karaoke bar in the town, of course, will not outskirts of karaoke in big cities. Since eq. investors need to determine, its karaoke service business where customers are, … to get the right level of investment and the most appropriate design for the karaoke business services himself.

5 / Selection of construction, design for his work.

Construction staff unprofessional, inexperienced designers set experience, of course will not be creating quality works, In addition it also affects business processes, increase costs for investors

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