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Bonus Amply karaoke PA-1100II

1. Terminal Micro
The conventional amplifier has 2 microphone jack used jack 6 cups.

Button dropped -20dB, just click on the microphone signal too large entrance causing distortion. (Always open, just turn off the attached instrument)



  • Buttons Vol: big small adjustment in the way the microphone signal
  • BAL button: adjust the signal to the left or right side or two sides balance.
  • Button Echo: Echo sound adjustments for individual microphone sugar sugar
  • Low buttons: adjust the bass (bass)
  • Mid button: adjust the middle (mid)
  • Hi button: adjust the high (treble)

2. hour adjusting Echo Street, RPT, DLAY


  • Buttons Vol: small increase or decrease the size of the known Echo, RPT, DLAY
  • Low buttons: adjust the bass (bass) of Echo
  • Hi button: adjust the high (treble) of Echo, hear aerosol spray
  • RPT button: increase or decrease the number of repeat language, that is the sound lengthened by less or more
  • Dly button: timing repeat sound fast or slow.

3. Select channels to
There we choose the input button is open A or B open
4. Music

duong music amply

  • Buttons Vol: small magnitude of the correction signal on the music portal.
  • BAL button: adjust the signal to the left or right side or two sides balance.
  • Low buttons: adjust the bass (bass)
  • Mid button: adjust the middle (mid)
  • Hi button: adjust the high (treble)

5. Master

duong master amply
Effect volume control large or small for the whole hour Micro, Echo, Music.

  • Vol buttons: volume up of output
  • Low buttons: adjust the bass (bass)
  • Mid button: adjust the middle (mid)
  • Hi button: adjust the high (treble)


  1. Power cord.
  2. Open ground
  3. Sugar attached speaker cable
  4. Addressing signal plugged music (Music)


  • Music input (music on), with channel A & B (if we plug the DVD jack oil shower down from the front channel A music room also choose A. If B is equivalent to choose so).
  • Output:
    • LINE: get the signal out to other devices such as 1 or 1 subwoofer amplifiers.
    • REC: This signal has been adjusted for the front of the machine, if you want to record.
    • SCORE / MIC out: own signal known to use a microphone input connection of the first grading karaoke or used to record micro own language without music.

1. Arrange the speakers:

  • Speakers have many kind of style, power, .. and have 4 ohm impedance, 6 ohm, 8 ohm impedance so we must choose the capacity of speakers & amplifiers for compatibility, common impedance amplifiers karaoke from 4-8ohm.
  • Always choose the larger power amplifier with speakers from 30-50% to have free play with power, more or less power is consumed on the line.

Example: We have speakers 150W / 8 ohm, we must choose power amplifier 200-250W / 8 ohm.

  • 2m speaker wiring should be counted from the bottom floor to the speakers, the distance between the two speakers is from 2m to 2.5m, should avoid corners at least 50 cm, slightly tilted speaker below 15 degrees towards the loudspeaker at ears, pole + and – of speakers to match the correct polarity + and – of the amplifier (if wrong sound of 2 speakers cancel hear no bass)
  • When fitting a karaoke system (microphones, amplifiers, speakers, sub), we have the system ground to avoid being shocked or buzzing.

2. How to connect the subwoofer combination

  • If you’re getting more power subwoofer, then we should let the sub floor, placed between two speakers, subwoofer with 3 dividing signal.
  • A signal is taken from the line out of the amplifier plugged into the audio jack line in the beginning of the sub shower.
  • Two signals are taken from the station on the amplifier speaker Input trapped in piles of subwoofers. When choosing this route will give full and true bass music signal. I adjusted the crossover of 80Hz-100Hz sub words, calibration Vol to be reasonable to prevent ringing when a microphone placed near the subwoofer.
  • Three is taken subwoofer signal from the player, and amplifier sub divided. This approach only works of music Bass Boost, provides the basis for sound. This way the aim is to not fall into the microphone sound subwoofer cause buzzing sound (with sound absorption bass level room disqualification especially in the corners) or known cases was not whether it should hear the bass from the subwoofer will ca have the feeling of being “opaque” language.

NOTE properly selected phase with full speaker after 1 subwoofer always switch or potentiometer adjustment phase. Note: hear the bass after selecting the correct phase will be stronger than thicker.

3. Align the amplifier.
The general principle, all kinds of good amplifiers are designed at 0db is the benchmark of the signal means no increase or decrease, so do not turn the high pass and low process node node

When the connection is completed, the system should turn the master volume then we adjusted as follows:

  • Step 1: Plug the microphone into the socket, put the knob in the middle position (called a 12h follow clockwise) vol microphone button in the amount of the standard 11-1h
  • Step 2: I calibrated the buttons Low, Mid, Hi along that line until we find most pleasing. but remain above or below 12, should not be too high or too low tuning buttons.
  • Step 3: Edit Echo total up (from 10 hours to 12 hours). Low and Hi To button at between 12 hours. But most important is that adjustment and dly RPT button.
    • According to experience, the people who are not professional music theater should have much echo, buttons to stay on 12h 12h echo vol button a little, and the RPT button is important dly button, two buttons adjust lasted hours and hours soften Time of voice repeated.
    • Those who know the song should sound tuning that sounded more cases without too much echo, just tailor made for softer sound that is node dly range 11 – 1h, so that the faster iteration 1 little to no sense of sound is repeated.
  • Step 4: Coordinate language and music Micro harmonious way, lesser-known music singing microphone to people always hear and feel the mic to sing lightly, does not take much effort. Moreover, a general sentiment that everyone likes to hear her sing!
  • Step 5: For large and small adjustment after adjustment is complete, then we open the system Matser total. The extra attention when adjusting:
    • When I saw singing voice heavy with midfield we increase the uplink node, we screw slowly, if a sudden increase or cause howling.
    • If we want singing puree and spray spray, we increased a little in Hi button on sugar and sugar Echo Micro total.
    • If you hear my voice thick not rise gently along Mic Echo button and button on sugar Echo Low total.
      • As we increase the buttons have to twist slowly and gently to avoid damaging the speaker howling
      • If the system is geared to handle the fastest howling as we dropped a little button on sugar Micro Vol.
      • Either way button on the microphone echo and buttons.
      • Micro fine not also part makes howling sound. Micro mini theater but inexpensive sound unreal and perishable

Some tweaking Phan Nguyen Audio amplifier or share with friends. All comments questions, you can contact: 0988578149 (Hung).

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