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Yoube search and karaoke search feature on Hanet PlayX Pro.

Tính năng hát karaoke Youtube trên đầu Hanet PlayX Pro

Hanet has just released an update for Hanet PlayX Pro karaoke feature on Youtube. This is a feature that many Hanet PlayX Pro users expect. With the ability to search and sing karaoke directly from Youtube on top of Hanet PlayX Pro, customers will have a huge music store from YOUBTUBE.

Tìm kiếm bài hát trên Youtbe của Hanet Smartlist

The karaoke feature from YouTube works in tandem with the Hanet PlayX Pro karaoke data. You can just pick the song in the PlayX Pro head, can both search and select the song on YOUTUBE without getting rid, or lose the song selected before.

Tìm kiếm bài hát trên Youtbe của Hanet Smartlist

With the Youtbe feature on the Hanet PlayX Pro, customers can search for any song, artist or genre. However, Hanet PlayX Pro must be connected to the internet in order to use this feature. Ability to sing and search very fast, smooth singing, no stand-by status or exit.

Tìm kiếm bài hát trên Youtbe của Hanet Smartlist

Usage: search, choose. The priority on youbtbe is the same as on Hanet’s head. Therefore, the process of using the simple and fast.

With a rich, immersive music database on Youtube, customers are free to search and sing any song they like, without the constraints of the Hanet PlayX Pro karaoke data.

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