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What is bi-wire?

Đấu Bi-Wire

Bi-Wire is a way to run two speaker lines from the amplifier or main power into the speaker. This technique usually produces better sound quality than conventional single-wire games.

There are two ways to fight Bi-Wire: from 2 to 4 or from 4 to 4

Bi-wire can be understood simply by using one pair of strings to play each speaker. Thus, bi-wire players will need two pairs of speaker cables, instead of a normal pair. Bi-wire does not appear on speakers using a full band, but usually only on 2-way speakers. However, not all speakers support bi-wire, due to the requirement to design speakers have four speakers, while some speakers have only two piles.

loa hỗ trợ bi-wire

In the bi-wire system, at low frequencies, the amplifier needs a higher impedance on the speaker wire for the tweeter. For speaker cables for bass speakers, the opposite. This causes the signal to be separated. For high frequencies, the signal travels almost in the conductor for high frequencies and to the right speaker for this frequency. Conversely, low-frequency signals will be transmitted mainly by wires connected to the circuit of the bass speaker. This frequency separation reduces the magnetic field interaction in the wire, resulting in better sound. Large magnetic fields generated by the energy of low-frequency signals generated around the fibers will not affect the energy transfer of high frequencies.

Benefit from connecting Bi-Wire

The effect of bi-wire depends much on the quality of the wire. Many people use this wiring by some high-bandwidth wires, others are suitable for wiring. On the other hand, due to the resonance of the resonance, the sound may be larger and more detailed (more noticeable in karaoke systems with long signal wires). Setting up the Bi-wire is not too difficult. One pair of two tweeter speakers, one with two woofers. This system only requires the use of an amply. Some manufacturers also make bi-wire speakers more compact for users.

Bi-wire Speaker

You can use the same two wires for single-wire wiring to wind up the speaker or a set of speakers dedicated to bi-wire. Bi-wire speaker with 4 wires inside, two pairs of plugs at one end and one pair of plugs at the other end. Although using this type of wire will be far less costly than using two separate wires to connect, you will lose the benefit of isolating the magnetic field between the wires for high frequencies and wires. Speaker for low frequency.

Most bi-wire couplers use the same wires for high and low frequencies. However, the use of different combinations of speakers has many advantages. Choose bass-less bass strings to connect to low frequencies, and more expensive bass strings, but sound fresher for high frequencies. This can give the orchestra the ability to perform better with lower investment costs. If you have two pairs of strings of the same length, use a better pair of strings to connect to the higher frequencies of the speakers. If you use different wires for bi-wire, they should be of the same manufacturer and have the same wire structure. If the speaker wire in the wiring harness has different capacitance and inductance, it will change the characteristic of the speaker’s frequency divider circuit.

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