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Hướng dẫn cài đặt đầu karaoke Hanet - Phan Nguyễn Audio

Installation instructions karaoke Hanet

1 / Connect the power cord and power adapter comes on purchases Hanet. Plug the cord from the power adapter into the DC In port on the device

2 / Use HDMI connection to a TV karaoke hanet

3 / Attach the audio cable, as shown below.

Guide automatic updates via internet song

1 / Connect the network cable (RJ45) at the beginning of karaoke Hanet

2 / Using the remote press the Menu button

3 / Select application management and password 123456

4 / Use open tablet software Hanet up (surely tablet is networking)

5 / On the tablet will display:

– Left: a list of new songs from the server update

– Right: the new song list has not been updated

6 / Select the playlists to download, select the download command and wait until the song is finished downloading.

7 / Synchronous data tracks: on mark 3 dots selected tablet


8 / Select update data, enter the password 123456, then click OK

9 / Wait a few minutes to complete the update process

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