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Sound equipment today is a lot of people are fond of. Because it is the device that helps us entertain after hours of stress, fatigue. Sound devices on the market are very diverse such as karaoke equipment, music equipment, … Music lovers are now demanding for high quality sound. Consequently, audio equipment manufacturers are launching high quality, subtle audio products to meet the needs of their customers.

Thiết bị karaoke chuyên nghiệp

In any karaoke system, any music player can not set speakers. Because it is responsible for delivering sound so that the listener can feel it. Therefore, it is very important equipment, if it is not working well, poor quality will make the sound when the transmission will be distorted, or to break the noise, annoying listeners. You can invest in the processing equipment like amply, mixer, main power, karaoke, … good. But with a pair of cheap speakers, the sound quality of the entire orchestra will be extremely bad. Therefore, you should invest a pair of class speakers, subtle sound to the sound of the orchestra is guaranteed and better.

The speakers have a set of components called TREBLE speakers. What is a treble loudspeaker? And the effect of treble speakers like? Let’s find out


Loa treble là gì?

First, let’s find out what is Treble sound.

  • Treble sound is a high frequency sound, also known as HI, for refining the sound (in the range of 5kz). In other words, treble is the sound of “metal tinkling” or human voice: a low voice, a normal voice, a gentle voice (into the human heart). And finally the voice is sacred or sour, or scream (then this is treble), ie high frequency sound!
  • Treble sound is said to be the foundation of good quality sound, the accent of a song or a song. If Bass is leading, Mid is harmonic, then all 2 sounds will be the background for the treble. This is so important that many expensive, high-end music devices are still considered mediocre because of the lack of excellent Treble.

What is a treble loudspeaker?

  • Treble or tweeter speakers, or high frequency speakers are the only type of speaker capable of displaying high frequency audio from 6 kHz or more.
  • Normally, conventional treble loudspeakers such as the treble dome can deliver up to 20kHz audio. However, the more advanced treble speakers such as ring speakers, treble tape speakers, diamond treble diaphragm speakers can meet the audio frequencies of up to 50kHz, even 100kHz …

Effect of treble loudspeaker in sound system:

  • As we all know, treble loudspeakers emit high frequency sounds, while the rest are mid-range and bass (low) speakers, all of which work together. Complete audio system delivers the best sound quality to the ears of the listener.
  • In the sound system, the treble speakers are the last syllable, which emits high frequency sound so that it works to increase the admiration for the audiophile.
  • Treble loudspeaker plays a very important role in the sound of the final hearing, the first impression of the listener is high. In particular, when listening to music, you open the speaker shield, you will see that the mid / bass speakers are vibrating while the treble speakers stand still. Why is that? This is because the membrane of the treble vibrator is too fast, so you will not be able to see with the naked eye. The structure of the treble loudspeaker is usually made of dome, made of titanium, silk, aluminum … a small diaphragm (about 2.53cm in diameter) and lightweight to move very fast, producing several thousand oscillations per second.

On the practical theory, the speaker is reproduced to the frequency of about 23 kHz is enough. However, speaker quality depends on the membrane material and other components such as magnets, cone speakers. It is these raw materials, together with top-secret technologies of each manufacturer, to create the best and most quality products.

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