Power Amplifier Bonus D2S


Cục đẩy công suất, main power Bonus D2S

With a professional sound system, users often invest their power – main power for their sound system. At present, there are many different thrust lines from the brand, model, price. To find a high quality product, “peak” sound is not a simple thing. Phan Nguyễn Audio would like to introduce the power amplifier Bonus D2S class D technology, modern Autlvolt, 2 channels. This is the product from the brand Bonus Audio – manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, professional.


  • The Power Amplifier Bonus D2S is compact in design, but offers up to 1200W / 4Ω or 600W / 8Ω for Class D audio amplification. deep bass, pure treble, sound processing and honest.
  • The D2S Bonus Stacker can be operated with high power, integrated with a wide range of loudspeakers ranging from 100W to 500W giving you great sound for a variety of music programs, large business karaoke rooms.

  • With Class D technology, the low-level method of converting low-level audio signals to high-power transistors makes the active speakers 90 degrees more efficient than linear ones.
  • With a weight of only 1.8kg, it can be easily moved when going to show, or go to works, projects. Accompanying that is the flexibility of the setup process, it takes only 10 seconds to 20 seconds to be able to setup a professional sound system, large capacity. Especially, the main size is compact, no heat dissipation when operating for good performance and high durability.
  • Bonus D2 pushers are designed on modern ClassD technology, using 100V-240V / 50hz-60hz autovolt power supply so they can operate stably in weak and unstable voltages.


Manufacturer Bonus Audio
Type of product Power Amplifier
Product code Bonus D2S
Typical Channel 2
Max Output For Each CH Stereo Bridge
EIAJ Standard, 1kHz, 1% THD 4Ω/CH 8Ω/CH 4Ω/CH 8Ω/CH
1200W 600W 2800W 2600W
Max Output Volttage/Current 100 Vpeak / 25 Apeak
Power Power Generic power. Standard Power Switch with PFC
Input Voltage 100 V – 240 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power Factory >0,95 @ > 500W
Current Consumption   @230 V  @115 V
No load 14W
Audio Input Sensitivity 0,775V
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20kHz (1W @ 8Ω, ± 0,5dB)
S/N Ratio (AMP) > 106 dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Input Impedance 43 kΩ Balanced
THD Typical <0.05%
Dimension 300mm x 100mm x 80mm
Weight 1,8 kg

With power amplifier Bonus D2S, you get a powerful, powerful, sophisticated, and lively sound. Please go directly to Phan Nguyen Audio to try and experience the sound quality that the power amplifier Bonus D2S line offers. All information please contact 1900.0075 for best support. Thank you!!!!