Amply BMB senior DAX-1000II karaoke room

Amply BMB senior DAX-1000II karaoke room
As amply karaoke from Japan, which are assembled in China is being appreciated amplifiers for karaoke and listen to your music system
Is from high-quality materials from Japan persistence with time. Powerful sound, lively, honest
Comes with DAX-1000II is amply BMB remote control handy remote control of amplifier functions.

Amply BMB DAX-1000II
Amply BMB DAX-1000II

Specification of amplifier BMB DAX-1000II
– 3 independent microphone input

– Power: 800V

– Power output speaker: 200W

– Use the power: 220V

– Function: repeat, delay, echo digital

– Origin: Japan

– Warranty: 12 months