Karaoke Arirang 3600HDD

Arirang karaoke 3600HDD modern advanced technology for the karaoke room

Đầu karaoke Arirang 3600HDD

As products are mostly business services karaoke selected by the efficiency and quality of products brings karaoke room

Arirang karaoke 3600HDD used modern technology most advanced in Korea, started karaoke is made of durable high-grade-level AdWords cost more time for all karaoke room

Integrate multiple utility functions for the user. Users to easily update the playlist on the hard drive built-in USB or integrated head machine. Users can watch movies, listen to music, sing karaoke.

Using technology first-hours IFUN accurate grading and comment fun to sing at the end of the song, lively atmosphere more complicated for karaoke room

Specification of Arirang karaoke 3600HDD

  • Products are manufactured in Vietnam, applied Korean technology
  • As the first 5 numbers karaoke, usb integrated copy music
  • Supports multiple formats: mp3, wav, midi, dvd, mp4, jpeg.
  • Stereo 5.1
  • Use Power: 220V
  • Dimensions: 475 x 310 x 125mm
  • Weight: 5kg

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