Karaoke Speaker BIK 768


Speaker karaoke BIK 768 is premium loudspeaker brand to the Japanese themselves are Phan Nguyen official distributor in Vietnam. BIK karaoke speakers are refined from the design stage, as well as apply the latest technology of Japan, the sound brings a bright and uplifting, the perfect response to the professional sound system

Loa karaoke BIK 768

The unique design, impressive
Great sound, durable operation for long periods with high productivity week that retains the original sound
Commonly used for modern karaoke rooms, discotheques, mini bar …
Space ideal use from 20 – 25m2
Technical details of the BIK 768 karaoke speakers

System: 2-way speaker 5
Subwoofer with 25cm diameter conical
High speaker cone diameter 7.7cm
Power: 1000W
Dimensions: 306x298x536 (cm)
Weight: 13.5
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 91dB
Origin: Japan