Karaoke Speaker BMB CS 252V

BMB Speaker CS 252V – Karaoke dedicated speaker for all

Phan Nguyen would like to introduce to you the karaoke speaker suitable for families and business households and small sized. BMB CS 252V speakers from Japanese brand products are people trusted by people in the field of Speaker karaoke

Loa karaoke BMB CS 252V

Technical details of BMB CS 252V loudspeaker

Brand: BMB

Production: Japan

Capacity at: 150W

Output power: 300W

Speaker Bass: 20cm Paper Cone Type x 1unit

Loudspeakers Treble: 8cm Paper Cone Type x 2units, Double Tweeter

Weight: 8kg

Dimensions: 458x270x251 (mm)

BMB brand profile

As a famous brand in the world in production of modern equipment with modern technology and the most advanced. Is the brand trusted by everyone for years while in Vietnam market. Because of the high quality and reliability of products should BMB will be the first brand people think of when buying yourself an audio device for entertainment or for business