Karaoke Speaker Bose 121

Bose 121 speakers professional karaoke karaoke rooms

Speaker is an indispensable product in 1 karaoke room. To be clear but dark sound you’re hearing your own voice, the speaker must achieve good quality. Phan Nguyen would like to introduce to you the karaoke speaker Bose 121 speakers are karaoke room dedicated to karaoke
Loa karaoke Bose 121

Karaoke speaker Bose 121 speaker is a professional, you will be the first real singer Bose 121 speakers taking to sing. Made of high quality materials and make sure the sound of Bose 121 speakers always emit karaoke strong and honest to you a vivid interior space. Karaoke speaker Bose 121 suitable for all kinds of music from music to light music strong

Features karaoke speaker Bose 121

Power: 160W

Frequency: 20kHz

Noise: 90dB

Weight: 1.2kg

Dimensions: 270x168x180mm