Wire micro Bonus CD5

bonus co day CD5-36

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Bonus Micro CD5 is a professional karaoke equipment under the brand Bonus Audio. Bonus CD5 used for singing and is used mainly by non-professional singer / semi-pro and vocals when performed live, is used to direct the show. Micro CD5 Bonus features: the first electric microphones and cardioid lobe direction. Bonus CD5 Micro is equipped with silencers mounted inside the sock, minimize noise, the on / off switch and cables 15ft (4.5m).

Frequency characteristics for extended frequency range

  • Suitable for singing.
  • Cardioid directivity sensitive to sound coming from in front of the microphone and some sound
  • from the sides. Less sensitive to the howling, creating natural sound.
  • Earlier electrodynamic microphones simple and sustainable.
  • Can handle high intensity sound without distortion.
  • Earlier microphones include neodymium magnets for better sound quality
  • Price shock absorber is mounted inside the compartment noise.
  • Sustainable metal structure
  • On / off
  • Steel grille sustainability can withstand the abrasion and the rigors of continuous use.
  • Filter “pop” is integrated reducing breath sounds and wind noise.
  • Includes cable 15ft (4.57m), mic clip and bag drop prevention.


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Manufactor Bonus Audio
Frequency 50 to 15,000 Hz
Impedence (Ohms) 150
Material Neodymium
Weight (g) 298


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MIcro karaoke Bonus CD5
MIcro karaoke Bonus CD5

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