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BMB CSN 455E karaoke speakers – the most optimal choice of family karaoke speaker

Phan Nguyen loudspeaker karaoke at BMB CSN 455E karaoke speaker is sold in bulk to customers wishing to purchase family karaoke speakers. As products with modern designs, features upgraded more than paint with front line
Loa BMB CSN 455E
Speaker karaoke BMB CSN 455E is a breakthrough in sound than juniors 255E. Capacity be upgraded to 450W, 3-way speakers reproduce sound. Can meet the most demanding customers of karaoke audio speakers.

Equipped with 3-way, the sound output of the speakers is very honest and clear. Special speakers will demonstrate its strength as strong as playing music in bars, discos

Intelligent design, compact speaker that can be placed on the table, in the closet or hung on the wall, saving space area for your home

Made from high-quality materials from Japan Speaker durable, enduring with time

Technical details of BMB CSN 455E speakers

Woofer diameter: 25cm

High speaker diameter: 8cm

Maximum power: 450W

Average power: 250W

Dimensions (D x W x H): 506 x 260 x 283mm

Weight: 11kg

Brand: BMB

Production: Japan

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