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Tầm quan trọng của loa Sub trong dàn karaoke - Phan Nguyễn Audio

When we buy karaoke, karaoke standard external devices such as karaoke, karaoke amplifier, speakers, karaoke, karaoke microphone required. We also advise salespeople buy other karaoke equipment Sub Speaker. So subwoofers are truly necessary in karaoke or not? It works with the system what your karaoke sound?

loa sub karaoke
Loa sub karaoke

Support Sub bass speakers, so the sound will be warmer.
Bass deeper, thicker.
The sound emitted will be a lot better.
The design focuses on the bass speakers.

Obviously the manufacturer must take into account the high and mid ranges but itself karaoke enclosures are designed for operation of the bass. Previously, the only way to have good bass subwoofer speakers put a large bucket with a special matrix. The result is a loudspeaker that in both the refrigerator. So far, many companies have been able to produce bass from very small box, the dimensions of only 30 cm. But of course with the speaker, sound does not reach the ears of praises. Products which belongs to the affordable but also excessively high prices. Therefore, to help the system, people need to subwoofer (subwoofer). This term is not always accurate because many speakers called subwoofer but reality does not work to the “bottom” of hearing range, around 20 – 40 Hz.

loa sub karaoke
loa sub karaoke

Instead, it functions as a woofer (subwoofer) normally separated from other devices. The layout of the speakers in your sound system depends on whether or not subwoofer. Because the main speaker usually does not reproduce the lowest notes. Even if your system has the full range speakers, at least the main channel must have a subwoofer. In fact, the initial aim of supporting the export sub that low frequency sound from conventional stereo speakers and handle acoustic problems may appear in the hearing room.

Sounds very different expression at the level of the band heard. It must handle wavelengths: the distance from the top of a sound wave to the other tip as it travels through the air. For example, the treble with shorter wavelengths, as measured by the fraction of centimeters at the highest frequency. Due to the relatively short wavelengths in comparison with the distance between two ears, we can recognize the difference between them. Therefore, careful positioning mid and treble speakers is very important to feel the sound effects in the standard position. Meanwhile, the low-frequency wavelength to hundreds of centimeters in length and this causes problems such acoustic standing wave struck just off the parallel walls.

loa sub karaoke
loa sub karaoke

If you stand in place of the peak sound waves are compressed together, the sound boomy and overwhelms other sounds. The low frequencies below 80 Hz is characterized by no direction. Therefore, if a subwoofer pulled out of the bin and put it in that cause standing waves, you will not know where to go bass, but only know the location of the main speakers.

Subwoofer is critical equipment indispensable in the karaoke sound system if you want a comprehensive guide to the sound quality.

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