AD Speaker Model: ADM-12

Two way full-range loudspeaker

Loa ADM 10
Loa ADM 12

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ADM series of speakers can easily create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Low frequency full and full of strength, high frequency can be soft. In the KTV occasion in any way of application, as the main sound or fill sound speakers, ADM series of speakers can give you a relaxed concert with the real music playback effect.

The Using AD excellent speaker R & D technology, designed for KTV room applications designed for the speaker. The ADM-12 is equipped with a caliber (12-inch) lightweight differential drive twisted unit with a bass unit, a caliber (1 inch) ring-shaped polyethylene diaphragm. The entire speaker system can withstand 350W of input power. Regardless of horizontal or vertical placement, the 90 ° x 60 ° coverage angle provides uniform flat coverage. High-slope attenuation of the passive frequency divider to minimize the band overlap.

The box is made of high quality 15mm thick multi-layer birch plywood, the surface is treated with black wear-resistant paint. The box is trapezoidal and is equipped with a jack mounted on the mast. The precision design of the frequency divider can optimize the power response and the human voice part of the IF expressive force. OverloAD sound protection technology can effectively protect the high-frequency driver, to avoid power overload surface interrupt work.


Flexible use in distributed sound reinforcement / medium main PA applications / KTV PA / night club, bar and other entertainment places sound reinforcement / flexible hanging way / can be used with ultra-low frequency use.

Loa ADM 10
Loa ADM 10


  • Frequency response: 42Hz – 20kHz(-6dB)
  • Sensitivity(1W@1m: 101dB Max
  • System Output SPL: 123dB
  • Nominal Directivity: 90°×60°
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power Rating: 350W RMS / 700W Program / 1400W Peak

Enclosure Components

  • Grill: Black epoxy perforated iron mesh, paste high penetration of audio for cotton
  • Connectors: 2×NL 4(NEUTRIK,1+/1-,2+/2-
  • Crossover: System designed 2 Way
  • Frequency Network Hanging: The box has two M10 screws hanging point, 12 KTV hanger installation with the M8 screw, a caliber 35mm pole socket.
  • Integrated handles for easy transport
  • Rubber Feet
Loa ADM 10
Loa ADM 10


  • Material: 15mm
  • Baltic birch plywood
  • Finnish: Environmentally friendly water-based wear-resistant paint
  • Dimensions: 572mm×353mm×380mm(H×W×D)
  • Net Weight: 20.2 kg
  • Shipping weight: 21.7 kg

Frequency response curve

Biểu đồ loa ADM-12

Loudspeaker Components

  • LF 1×12″ Loudspeaker(weather resistant)
  • HF 1×Compressed tweeter of ring polyethylene diaphragm

Kích thước loa ADM-12

The product is distributed and the official warranty at Phan Nguyen Audio. Come and try out the high quality audio that this ADM Series speakers bring. All information please contact:
Phan Nguyen Co., Ltd Interior Sound Light
406 Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Quy District, Tan Phu Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 1900.0075



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